I support professional women to boost their confidence and self-esteem in 90 days,empowering them to create a full and authentic life, free of limitations.

No matter what the specific outcome you might want from the coaching – developing positive habits; a career transition; clarity and sense of purpose; improved relationships, stress management; increase in confidence – the first steps to making a long-lasting change is raising our self-awareness – how you see yourself, the thoughts you have about yourself (self-talk) and the value you put on yourself as a human being.

I will help you look at your life from new perspective; identify where you want to be; explore what’s holding you back and rediscover your inner strength so you can move forward with clarity and commitment.

What They’re Saying

“Tamara helped me to dust my vision off, sharpen it, put my crown back on my head and work towards it!”

Naomi Peña

“Tamara has given me my self-confidence and a feeling I have a purpose again”

Emma Arslanian

“Incredible how coaching works and how powerful it is”


“Tamara’s coaching has had a long-lasting result well past our sessions.”

Issy Nash

“I feel empowered now and have some new strategies thanks to which my success looks much more possible to me than before.”

Monika Kaleta

“Tamara helped me break out of limiting beliefs that I had for years”

Farida Sherif

“I gained more clarity and confidence about what to do next but also more clarity about who I am”

Latifa Aarab

“Tamara has an extremely warm and kind nature that encourages deeper communication and a genuine connection”

Jonathan Hancock

“Tamara always intuitively knew what thought provoking questions to ask ”


“I found Tamara to be compassionate and willing to gently guide me to examining my core beliefs and creating new ones in order to achieve better results”

Claire Staddon

“Through her wonderful listening and feedback, she has held up a mirror, which has allowed me to see a way forward to a new and exciting phase in my life”


“Tamara puts you in control of coming up with a plan to get your life back on track ”


“Tamara has helped me to discover a sense of calmness and clarity from within”

Peter Buffery

“She has helped me overcome some big hurdles in both work and my personal life”

Louise Thomas

“Tamara is a wonderful coach - positive, supportive, trustworthy and empowering”

Rachel Wood
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