Hi! I am Tamara

I consider myself incredibly fortunate to do a job that I wholeheartedly enjoy and to have met so many incredible people along the way, who have been and continue to be my inspiration. I am also grateful to have found coaching as it became my second career. Having been through a long and at times stressful transition both professionally and personally, that experience has given me the empathy and ability to appreciate and relate to many of my clients’ challenges.

There is another reason I decided to become a life coach which is to be a better mum to my two boys, who are now 8 and 11. I wanted to become a more patient and engaging parent. I wanted to develop active listening skills focusing on their wants and needs, rather than always telling them what they should be doing from the position of parental superiority. I wanted them to feel heard, unconditionally supported and encouraged in their independent thinking, which is precisely how I work with clients.

I take coaching seriously and I tend to integrate scientifically tested and approved methods, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in Coaching, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness (Mindful Practice/Living) and Emotional Intelligence.

In terms of my background, I was in marketing for over 15 years, out of which last 3 years I worked as a Consultant with major scale events. It was a profession which I enjoyed for many years until I became mum and my priorities shifted. The transition that followed was challenging to say that least until I discovered coaching. I obtained Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching from Animas Centre for Coaching, considered world leaders in the transformational field. They are also recognised by the main industry governing body, International Coaching Federation (ICF). I continue with my professional development to become the best coach I can be and have further accreditation in Group Coaching, Mindfulness Coaching, Emotional Intelligence and Positive Psychology.

What They’re Saying

“Tamara helped me to dust my vision off, sharpen it, put my crown back on my head and work towards it!”

Naomi Peña

“Tamara has given me my self-confidence and a feeling I have a purpose again”

Emma Arslanian

“Incredible how coaching works and how powerful it is”


“Tamara’s coaching has had a long-lasting result well past our sessions.”

Issy Nash

“I feel empowered now and have some new strategies thanks to which my success looks much more possible to me than before.”

Monika Kaleta

“Tamara helped me break out of limiting beliefs that I had for years”

Farida Sherif

“I gained more clarity and confidence about what to do next but also more clarity about who I am”

Latifa Aarab

“Tamara has an extremely warm and kind nature that encourages deeper communication and a genuine connection”

Jonathan Hancock

“Tamara always intuitively knew what thought provoking questions to ask ”


“I found Tamara to be compassionate and willing to gently guide me to examining my core beliefs and creating new ones in order to achieve better results”

Claire Staddon

“Through her wonderful listening and feedback, she has held up a mirror, which has allowed me to see a way forward to a new and exciting phase in my life”


“Tamara puts you in control of coming up with a plan to get your life back on track ”


“Tamara has helped me to discover a sense of calmness and clarity from within”

Peter Buffery

“She has helped me overcome some big hurdles in both work and my personal life”

Louise Thomas

“Tamara is a wonderful coach - positive, supportive, trustworthy and empowering”

Rachel Wood