How I work

The power of coaching begins with our relationship which I see as an equal partnership engaging in conversation that leads to action.
Establishing effective and confidential coach-client relationship is important to me, as I want to create a space for you that is safe, considerate and non-judgmental, to enable you to freely explore any challenges.

You will be someone who is truly ready for the change and prepared to commit the time and effort to see it through and take responsibility for where you are now and take action for where you want to be.

As your coach, I will help you reconnect to yourself,  so you can learn the art of self-acceptance and push through fear to unlock your true potential and start living your life from a place of authenticity and strength.

The coaching process often uncovers what are known as limiting beliefs and negative habitual patterns. My role is to help you identify and address them and ultimately break out of the vicious circle of unhelpful behaviour to set you on a path of developing positive habits.

Once you discover how it is only you that is inhibiting your own progress, you can start making affirmative changes required to move forwards.